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About BestSitePicks

Q. What is BestSitePicks?
BestSitePicks features a collection of Top 10 links to online resources that are voted as best by our visitors. We sort through the clutter of the web to pick the best of the bunch; saving you time and aggravation.

Q. What makes a site the best?
You do. Your votes move a site into the Top 10, or weed it off the list.

Q. How do I vote for a site?
To cast your vote for your favorite site, click the Pick link and vote using the stars.

Q. When is a new site added to the list?
New sites are added when you make a recommendation using the add a website button. To prevent spam, recommended sites are manually reviewed.

Q. How many sites are featured on each topic?
We feature up to thirty links to online content for each topic. We believe in the philosophy that less is more.

Q. How are new sites added if all thirty spots are filled?
New recommended sites are added in spot twenty. From there they can be voted up to the Top 10 or down and off the list.

Q. Why don’t the site’s rankings change when I vote?
Rankings are updated once a day. This gives us a chance to filter out spam votes to ensure the list provides the highest value to our visitors.

Q. After I’ve voted on a link, the Pick link disappears – why is that?
You can vote on a link only once during a visit.

Q. How can I report spam/bug/problem/abuse?
If you encounter a link that is spam, is broken, or is off topic, please let us know by clicking the Weed link. We appreciate your help in keeping BestSitePicks truly the best.

Q. How many pick votes does it take to promote or remove links?
The promotion and weeding of links is managed by a algorithm developed by BestSitePicks, which considers several factors in addition to votes when determining position.

Q. How do I submit a website to BestSitePicks?
Have you found a great website, report, article, tool, product, video, book, blog or podcast you want to share? It’s easy to submit a link using the “Add your website pick” button. We give you options to write your own headline and description.

Q. What is the Weed link for?
If you find resources that have bad links, lead to off topic content, or have excessive advertising or spam, click on Weed. This is how we get the spam out of the system and help the best content rise to the top.

Q. I have a great idea for a Top 10 list. How do I tell you about it?
We’ve found that passionate experts contribute the best Top 10 lists. Here’s how to start a Top 10.

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